16 mai 2017 Chrisitian Mery

L’insoutenable légèreté de l’être

Many of the greatest classical musician of all time have been living in wien.

Mozart, Johann Strauss. Antonio Vivaldi, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Antonio Salieri, Franz Schubert…and of course Beethoven

You may think …after all this city is made for Beauty.

Définitly true

the water’s gentle murmuring in the Danube make you imagine those genius  creating along the embankment.

But after few days …We finally Picked up what was so spécial for creation here.

First-time visitors may sense something strange in the atmosphere, something wich just a short while later, becomes évident : the absence of noise characteristic of large cities.

wien has modern day traffic but its roads are designed to keep cars in check and pedestrians cool and happy with large sidewalks.

they never find themselves forced up against a crowd or a wall to let a car pass.

wien is green and pedestrians have their part of the cake !

Besides there isn’t a single ugly bulding, many construction are monuments, gardens are so Beautiful.

Then most of all add  a very characteristic slow Life style …( where you can sit back the whole day in a coffee, ….no barman will drive you out)

Just let you creativity reborn …..oups..you just felt in love with Vienna.